Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Dreams Do Come True

When I left Port Coquitlam and had to part ways with my leased and beloved horse, Flame, my heart hurt.  I was excited about my new home but a piece of me was left behind.  There was an empty void. 

In my departing email – as well has thanking Flame’s owner and the barn manager, I wrote I would be looking for a barn in the New Year and Flame would be my first choice; if that option was not available then I would look for a horse that would be the perfect match.

In the meantime, the void was somewhat filled with a leased horse, Gamble, and his herd mates. I did enjoy the different personalities of the horses as well there was a cutie pie colt whose antics provided much amusement.

Spring has arrived and new life is springing forth. In January , I had given some thought on how I wanted the next  years ahead to be and written down what I wanted.  I wanted my own horse, for one,  so it is not surprising that something urged me to find the perfect barn.  I had written in my journal what the perfect barn would be....ideal conditions and companions for both my horse and me.  I believe I have found such barn....it is called Serenity Winds.

I booked my spot leaving me ample time to find my exact right horse.

I tried contacting Flame’s owner with no success.  I contacted someone who was in touch with him and was told she would definitely pass on my message but she felt it was highly unlikely he was going to sell.

Maybe it was desperate reaching, although I had looked at horses for sale that were well mannered yet they did not appeal to me, I found myself calling  Circle F Horse Rescue Society to inquire about a horse that was schooled in dressage and required an intermediate to advanced rider.  Nothing in that ad even closely resembled a perfect match!  I knew it...yet I called anyway.

So glad I did.  I was told to check out another horse rescue, Hayburner Farm.  I looked through the horses for adoption and there he was.  I read the ad on him.

and said “I have found another Flame”.  He is exactly what I am looking for.  (We both need work on our performance).

I contacted the barn to ask how much his adoption fee was.....she said “FREE”.

I have since picked myself up from the floor and have met Teebo.  He was friendly, calm and well behaved. I am not fooled;  I can tell he is a character.  I made my decision to take him...although if I am honest with myself I had already made it. I mean keeping it real - Universe has pretty well put out an offer that is hard to refuse.  

This morning I had a smidge of conflict in my heart....I felt like I was deserting Flame....I asked myself, “should I try harder to get Flame?” “Am I taking the easy route?”

I opened my journal randomly and my eyes fell upon my words which I had written over a year ago for something else I was struggling with.

At the same time this song flashed into my mind and I had to look up the lyrics.

As I type this ..the load has been lifted and now the future written. Things have progressed way faster than I planned.  I have signed the contract to transfer ownership of Teebo to myself.  I feel elated. He arrives to our new barn this Sat.  April 1st....ooh.... I just realized..April Fool’s day....lol....this is  no prank this is

for real.   

A new boy stands waiting....looking for his new home.  This is a new beginning for both of us and together ...we will lovingly ease on down the road ....overcoming what may.

Welcome to my family Teebo

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