Monday, January 2, 2017

Bringing in the New Year

Well not physically that is, just mentally. 

Outside it was fogged in, snowing heavily and everything was blanketed in snow.   Both hubby and I were nursing colds so staying in cuddled safe and sound seemed the exact right place to be this New Year's Eve. 
Nothing seemed to interest us on the TV so we decided to watch one of the prerecorded final episodes of Downton Abbey. 

Normally we only watch one episode...without speaking we continued watching till we had watched the final 3 episodes.  Somehow it seemed right that our visits into the lives at Downton Abbey should end with the year. 

Interestingly so did Julian Fellows, the writer of the show.  As we watched the final hour of the show surprisingly we found ourselves not asleep in the final hour of 2016 but instead watching and enjoying the final episode of Downton Abbey. The closing scene was New Year's Eve. There everyone  was lovingly embarking on a new chapter of their lives singing Auld Lang Syne.  Strangely I felt a slight pang of loss as the credits came up but the synchronicity of the fictional and real was not lost.

Synchronicities always remind me of our Creator's Presence.

Two thoughts mentioned in the show really stuck with me.

First,  that no one should sail off into the sunset gloriously happy and expect smooth sailing thereafter. 

Storms happen as does sunshine.

The second KINDNESS....the transformational power of kindness.

2016 brought me storms and sunshine.  Some storms I brought on myself.  Always I was delivered.

I have felt and embraced the pain and loss of parting knowing I had been blessed to have had that time as well I have been lifted joyously with new.  I have learned the value of savoring the familiar and comfortable.

So I intend to continue treating each day as a brand new day of opportunity - to do my best to spend it wisely.....ever learning, growing and serving... and because the thought stuck I am making kindness my flagship this year. I understand.....

All those actions are life giving.

It was New Year's Day when I wrote notes in my journal.  It was then a felt a stirring and I knew I was going to write this post based on my notes.

As I looked out the window I couldn't help but be uplifted; the storm had passed and cleared.  The sun lit up the snowy mountain peaks...it was beautiful.  These words came to mind.

Yeah...not always easy nor am I always successful but keeping my eyes lifted has certainly held me in good stead when I do.

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