Monday, January 9, 2017


Here we are at the start of a brand new year.  I completed the header of my new blog, Eve-lutionary.  Yet to be published.  I was stumped as to what the catch phrase might be.

Live To Love, Love To Live?

Empowerment through Enlightenment?


I decided to leave it blank. 

I have two pages left in my faithful journal of this past year. 

I decided to leave them blank.

Blank is okay.

I decided to start a new journal. Well not new really, you see I have a few journals that I have started a few pages in and for various reasons abandoned.  In thinking about it, part of the reason was I wanted a journal that was tidy, neat. and well organized.  Only wisdom thoughts were entered in this book.  The other journal is messy with cross outs and thoughts that jump all over the place. 

The journal I am leaving has scrambled thoughts and yep those messy cross outs, but I use coloured felt pens to identify the gold nuggets.

As I opened my neat and tidy journal, that I had given up on and  thrown in a drawer, I read this.

So there it is!

My mission for my blog: Giving birth to a fulfilled life.

My Flagship:  KINDNESS reconfirmed.

My mother used to say, "when you need an answer go to the Bible and randomly open a page."   Yes, I use the Bible sometimes along with other  favorite books I term my "friends".  Journaling is my sacred time; one of the gifts of time I give to myself. My journal throughout the years has proven to be my own "Wisdom Bible" at times.  Certainly a friend. I believe my "Higher Power" speaks to me for example in the writing of this post.... putting aside my censor I found my actions and free choice of  words such as  "I decided to leave it blank" and the fact that action happened twice spoke to me.

Smile....as I am typing this, out comes "God is in the details".

Now this is not wondrous earth shaking Awe.  What you might notice is the relaxation and surrender in my actions.  Usually surrender only occurred in my life when I was fully depleted and dropped to my knees, so what would I do once I was even partially lifted; back I would go, trying to force a solution or achieve an objective.  I have learned there are two types of energy; stress and inspiration; one requires force and the other relaxation; and one is more enjoyable than the other.

You see I have learned when I give space I am so often led to the answer.  How many of us when we cannot find something or cannot figure out something when we let go and move onto something else, suddenly there it appears, in the flow of the happenings of our day.

Another gold nugget I found! It was on the first page of the tidy journal. Hmm...might be something I should be paying attention to here. Leaving that blank for now....actually another day....things may get too convoluted for this post. (they may already be)

While I wrote the flow took me back to my old journal.  

I filled in the last page of my journal somehow it seemed fitting.

It is through the sharing of our stories that others are blessed.
Somewhere in my post I hope there was a gold nugget for you.  

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