Tuesday, September 20, 2016


This is the view ...that fed my soul.  Forgotten were all my aches and tiredness from moving in.

As I sat...it came to mind,  the many requests to put up pictures...I thought a perfect excuse to explore this property and take pictures of my wanderings.....so I put on my gum boots, grabbed an old camera ( my good one is still not unpacked and I have no idea where it is) so I apologize for poor quality of pictures.  As well some pictures are not in sun .....while taking pictures I was between two storm cells....and I could hear the thunder in the distance of the next cell rolling in.

So starting at the entrance to our drive....we share a driveway part way up. 

Looking up the driveway

I turned around and took a shot looking back down drive to road

Driveway splits here

We have a circular driveway...this shot is taken from in front of workshop looking up toward the house

The gardens here are something I could never have created......much artistry has gone into them

It is hard to make out...but this is a mini waterfall that drops into one of two pools

These are concord grapes...very small and tasty....must like seeds though

Lol...Carl used the area under the arbor for a parking spot for his old land cruiser till he discovered the next morning his vehicle covered with overripe grapes.

Another beautifully created garden area with steps that lead to a small bridge that goes over the seasonal creek

Looking forward to using this firepit....it is one of two the other one is behind the workshop which you can see in the distance

This leads to compost area and other undeveloped parts of the property that I have yet to explore.
Will choose a less wet day.
Hedge trim on right courtesy of deer.

Last but not least the fish pond.  Apparently they do not need any tending which is a good thing.  Previous owners only lost one fish .....to an osprey.  Raccoons and Herons do not seem to be up this high on the mountain.  Strangely we have not seen any squirrels. 

Oh and previous owners had a good sense of humor....yes that is sand complete with shells in the foreground and you can just see the tips of two banana tree leaves.

There is much more .....for now this is enough
When I told the realtor think diesel and spiritual retreat
I believe this property is exactly perfect

If you made it this far
I hope you enjoyed my tour
Thanks for visiting and allowing me to share

love to all
Shirley Anne

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