Thursday, May 7, 2015

An Early Mother's Day Gift

Meet my Grandson

He is two and a half
This spring he has discovered flowers
on his walks to playgrounds
I am often the beneficiary of his discoveries.
This particular day he had been out shopping with his mom
I heard him enter the house and then his excited voice
urgently calling
"Grandma, Grandma....something"
"Something Grandma"
as he valiantly tromped and stumbled up the stairs to reach me.
There is something so endearing and honoring to my heart
to be recognized by such innocence
A genuine validation 
He triumphantly handed me my card
And stood expectantly 
When I opened it
I laughed
I knew for sure it was his choice
 It was profuse, music played and lights flashed.
His face shone with pleasure.
Now that was a  memorable 5 Star good feel moment.
(ok...listening to the video clip may not do it for you)
For me it was a real gift. 
Sending Warmest Wishes to All Mothers
for a 5 Star Moment


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