Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Years Eve - Time

Hello All

This last morning of 2014 I felt the urge to blog.  In fact I have for a few days ...so many thoughts to share...I have felt overwhelmed. 

What have I done these past days.  I have attended to things like grocery shopping, taking down Christmas decorations, making beds, laundry....all the usual everyday things.  Just not followed my heart and blogged.  I could not find a starting point.

Yes, the above mentioned chores are tasks that need attending to at some point but could they have waited?....yes.

This last morning I decided I am going to blog...I am absolutely making it my first priority.

It is now 3:41 pm in the afternoon and I am finally sitting typing....so what happened.  I answered text, phone calls, but the main hold up was my computer.

I received a “High CPU Use Warning” and literally my computer went into “unresponsive mode”.  After much effort I managed to “google” what does this mean?  The answer interestingly enough came as a comparison.  It said the computer processor was like a brain that is overwhelmed.  The result being it gets slow, unresponsive at times, erratic, and shuts down to protect itself. 

I could certainly relate.  My computer and I had something in common. Knowing what the problem is...is great.  Now how do I fix it???

Well hubby advised delete all programs I am not using.  There was no more space available, he said. Google told me to download a fix.   I found out he was right (sigh)  when I tried to download the fix my computer sent me an error message “not enough space available to download”.

Make space available.......this would be the answer.
There may be a message here....maybe stop fixing and simply get rid of all the unused and useless programs, empty the trash can and create space.

That is what I have been doing between texts and phone calls and now starting to make my hubby and I a special meal. 

This morning I knew one of my texts I had sent someone was what I wanted to say for my last posting for 2014. So here is my revised version:

Last year I spent New Year’s Eve alone.  Hubby had to work.

One of my most valuable New Years Eves was last year....I spent it reading a book and taking from it my messages for the coming year.  I felt so fulfilled that night.....so at peace. 

This year in addition to setting my intention each morning, I tried to make a space at the end of the day to write acknowledgements to myself for those things I did accomplish that day....(I have such a bad habit of concentrating on all the not so good things and end up wiping out the good). (Admittedly I can do much better with the latter part of the day.)    

I also make note of surprises/silver linings, and my gratitude’s.  As well as answered prayer. 

Oprah has said it makes a difference and I personally experience a subtle difference in myself when I create the time and space to do this.

There seems to be a serotonin lift in claiming this time, hushing the “you should be doing something else voice” and gifting this sacred time to myself.

My time is valuable.  I heard these words spoken today a few times by someone else.

I agree so I have added a question at the end of my day to ask myself. 

How could I spend my time more wisely tomorrow?

For me it is an awesome day when I know I have spent my day wisely...even more awesome when I know the direction in which to grow within myself.

In closing....

My acknowledgements for 2014......I have grown and I have contributed.

My silver linings for 2014.....miracles and answered prayers ....yes some are still in the works...but there have been so many daily small ones. 

My gratitude....for the abundance in my life!!!!

How am I going to spend my time wisely tomorrow.....setting my intention for 2015.
My wish for all of you...follow your heart...spend your time wisely.





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